Rockwell 2/4 Plate - Gunmetal

$ 18.75 USD
Replacement Rockwell R2/R4 Base Plate in Gunmetal. Only Suitable for Rockwell Gunmetal Series Razors.

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Corning (Albuquerque, US)
It serves the purpose

The Rockwell 2-4 plate does what it's designed to do - it holds the razor blade to a pre-determined angle. I'm satisfied with it.

Brian Swann (New Port Richey, US)
The 2-4 Plate

Made my shaves better and closer👍
You folks make Remarkable Razors and accessories. High Quality at a reasonable price. Thank you

Daniel Katz (Topeka, US)
this is the best adjustable

and it is handsome. i can mostly compare it to the gillette’s from the 1950’/60’s.

Lisa Classon (Sierra City, US)
Great product

Very well made! Happy with the purchase.

Ricky West (Charlotte, US)
Final piece

Originally bought the 2c, added a 5/6 plate & finally finished off the set with this 2/4 plate, giving me 6c. I usually do a 3 pass shave and the 2 is now my staple for the finishing pass. Love it.

Brian Reppert (Winchester, US)
Perfect geometry

I could have used the 1/3 plate forever but wanted the 4 for more mild blades and use the 2 for Feather blades. You guys have really nailed the geometry of gap, angle, and exposure. Wish it hadn't taken the purchase of 9 other razors to learn this.

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