Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

$ 100 USD
Color: Matte

Crafted from pure stainless steel and designed to deliver a lifetime of incredible shaves. Say goodbye to overpriced plastic razors, razor bumps, and skin irritation for good. The Rockwell 6S is guaranteed to turn your shave routine into an experience you'll love and look forward to. 

Not your average safety razor.

Our patented design allows you to adjust the blade gap and fine-tune the comfort and closeness of your shave, for a truly personalized experience. The beginner shave setting makes it easy for any man or woman to transition away from plastic razors and get their smoothest shaves ever - without any nicks or cuts.

The Rockwell 6S reliably stops ingrown hairs, razor burn, and skin irritation, so that you get a close, comfortable shave, every time. 

Protect your skin, eliminate plastic waste, and save a fortune on shaving over time.

Perfect for:
  • Any man or woman shaving their face, head, body, legs or underarms.
  • Eliminating razor burn, ingrown hairs and shaving irritation.
  • Replacing wasteful plastic razors for good.
  • Saving money on overpriced drug store razor refills or subscriptions.
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Why the Rockwell 6S?

Stop bumps, cuts and shaving discomfort for good. Rockwell Razors adjust to your unique skin and hair type, providing your most comfortable shave ever, guaranteed.

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  • Stops Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn
  • Beginner Friendly Settings - No Nicks or Cuts
  • Uses Premium Swedish Stainless Steel Blades
  • Plastic-Free and Eco-Friendly
  • Control the Closeness, Smoothness and Comfort of Your Shave
  • Suitable for Men and Women of All Skin and Hair Types

A lifetime of incredible shaves.

Introducing your new favorite razor. No plastic waste, zero irritation and adjustable to any skin and stubble type. Rockwell's patented design makes it easy for beginners to get all the benefits off a single blade razor, without the learning curve.

Game-changing comfort.

Turns out, multi-blade razors do more harm than good. Our razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch.

Thoughtfully crafted.

We're obsessed with transforming your shave experience into one that you'll love and look forward to. Upgrade to the Rockwell Shave Kit to receive our Barbershop Shave Cream, Faux-Badger Shave Brush, More Blades and a Recyclable Blade Safe.


2 billion plastic razors end up in landfill each year in the USA alone. Ditch the disposables and upgrade for a lifetime of plastic-free shaving.

Pennies per shave

Get vastly superior shaves and save money on overpriced drug store razors and pointless shave clubs.

Perfect for anyone

Rockwell Razors allow you to adjust the blade exposure to control the comfort and closeness of your shave, for a truly personalized experience.
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This is a gimmick-free razor.

Don't fall for razor marketing gimmicks or subscriptions you don’t need. Our team focuses on designing the world's most comfortable razors - and saving our customers real money on shaving.

We're not thrilled until you are.

Unbeatable support
60-Day Returns
Free Shipping
Lifetime Guarantee

Upgrade to the world's smoothest shave.

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Rockwell is the most loved razor on the market.
4.9/5 STARS - 5026+ REVIEWS

Customer Reviews

Based on 1302 reviews
Jason pease (Commerce, US)

Simply the best razor I have ever used. Great craftsmanship for a lifetime of service

Yurii Danyuk
Rockwell 6S

Great product, lived up to all expectations. Absolutely recommend

Michael Liu (Santa Clara, US)
Genuinely changed how I look at shaving

I don't usually write reviews unless I feel strongly about a product. And I might've skipped this anyway, because there are already so many 5-star reviews. But wow, this razor kit has made an actual difference in my life. I thought shaving was supposed to leave my face stinging in pain in the shower. I thought creams were just some gimmick designed to smell nice and little else. I'd been using another "high-quality" safety razor for years with no luck. Maybe I just had that type of skin with that kind of hair. But no: Rockwell's full lineup changed all that. The generous knurled grip, the adjustable head, the smooth sharp blades, and the creamy soft brush and cream gave me the first pain-free shave of my entire life—I kid you not. This company has my respect; thank you for making something that actually just works, with no buzzwords, trademarks, flashy colors...just a product that does its job and does it well.

Sergey Butrsev (Samara, RU)

Everything is very good. I like the quality of the razor. best results with your brand's blades. I recommend to everyone.

Mark Schutt (Nashville, US)
First Safety Razor

This is my first attempt at a safety razor and I can honestly say I'm sold. I am so glad I happened to run across Rockwell. The razor is very sturdy and well built. I never have been one to get razor burn or ingrown hairs so that wasn't my deciding factor in getting a safety razor. It was more I was looking for something different. I definitely got that!! Best shave I have ever given myself and the last razor I will ever have to buy.

Ricky West (Duluth, US)
Best razor I've ever used.

The threads on my 6c started to strip after less than two years. I contacted Rockwell & they were great about getting me a replacement (2c, I already had the plates). In the meantime, I decided to go ahead & give the 6s a try. Very glad I did, easily the best razor I've ever used and is my daily driver. Wow.

Alexander Shvedov (Kochenevskiy, RU)
A razor worthy of attention for connoisseurs of classic shaving/Бритва достойная внимания для цен...

I am happy to use this razor. Very tenacious grip (the notch on the handle is done perfectly). The weight of the machine is respectful.
Shaving sensations are the most positive, there is no irritation!
And a set of plates is a separate find - a super idea.
I can confidently recommend this razor for purchase.
С удовольствием пользуюсь данной бритвой. Очень цепкий хват (насечка на ручке выполнена отлично). Вес станка вызывает уважение.
Ощущения от бритья самые положительные, раздражения нет!
А набор плит это отдельная находка - супер идея.
С уверенностью могу рекомендовать данную бритву к приобретению.

Christopher (Seattle, US)
5 blades to 1 Wow

I am switching from a 5 blade cartridge razor to the Rockwell 6S and wow there is a difference. The Rockwell 6S shaves so much nicer. The construction and quality of this product is outstanding. I can see myself using this razor for the rest of my life and it will still look and performing like it was new.

YoungNam Wi (Seoul, KR)
Nice Razor

It is easy to shaving

ALBERT KAMALOV (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, RU)
бритва Rockwell 6S из нержавеющей стали

Посылка до Сахалина дошла довольно быстро, Бритвой пользуюсь больше месяца. Эмоции и удовольствие от бритья самые положительные.Использую в основном 5 плиту. Производителю и продавцу большое спасибо.

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