Rockwell 6S - Matte Black Shave Set

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Eliminate plastic waste and upgrade to the closest, smoothest shave of your life with the Rockwell 6S Razor. Rockwell's innovative, adjustable shave settings let you change the blade exposure for a truly personalized experience - so you get a close, comfortable shave every time.

The Rockwell 6S's patented design eliminates ingrown hair, razor burn, and irritation, delivering the premium experience you deserve. We make it easy to ditch overpriced plastic razors for good and transform your shave into an experience you will look forward to.

With thousands of rave reviews from customers worldwide, the Rockwell 6S is guaranteed to upgrade your routine and deliver the best shaves you've ever experienced.

Perfect for any man or woman that's shaving their face, head or sensitive areas. Includes a beginner setting that makes it impossible for users to cut themselves shaving, while still getting a great shave.

Made entirely from 316L stainless steel. Durable Matte Black PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition).

In the Box
- 1 x Rockwell 6S Razor - Matte Black
- 1 x Rockwell Shave Brush
- 1 x Rockwell Shave Stand - Matte Black

- 6 x Adjustable Shave Settings

- 5 x Rockwell Razor Blades

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Why the Rockwell 6S?

Stop bumps, cuts and shaving discomfort for good. Rockwell Razors adjust to your unique skin and hair type, providing your most comfortable shave ever, guaranteed.

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  • Stops Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn
  • Beginner Friendly Settings - No Nicks or Cuts
  • Uses Premium Swedish Stainless Steel Blades
  • Plastic-Free and Eco-Friendly
  • Control the Closeness, Smoothness and Comfort of Your Shave
  • Suitable for Men and Women of All Skin and Hair Types

A lifetime of incredible shaves.

Introducing your new favorite razor. No plastic waste, zero irritation and adjustable to any skin and stubble type. Rockwell's patented design makes it easy for beginners to get all the benefits off a single blade razor, without the learning curve.

Game-changing comfort.

Turns out, multi-blade razors do more harm than good. Our razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch.

Thoughtfully crafted.

We're obsessed with transforming your shave experience into one that you'll love and look forward to. Upgrade to the Rockwell Shave Kit to receive our Barbershop Shave Cream, Faux-Badger Shave Brush, More Blades and a Recyclable Blade Safe.


2 billion plastic razors end up in landfill each year in the USA alone. Ditch the disposables and upgrade for a lifetime of plastic-free shaving.

Pennies per shave

Get vastly superior shaves and save money on overpriced drug store razors and pointless shave clubs.

Perfect for anyone

Rockwell Razors allow you to adjust the blade exposure to control the comfort and closeness of your shave, for a truly personalized experience.
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This is a gimmick-free razor.

Don't fall for razor marketing gimmicks or subscriptions you don’t need. Our team focuses on designing the world's most comfortable razors - and saving our customers real money on shaving.

We're not thrilled until you are.

Unbeatable support
60-Day Returns
Free Shipping
Lifetime Guarantee

Upgrade to the world's smoothest shave.

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Rockwell is the most loved razor on the market.
4.9/5 STARS - 5026+ REVIEWS

Customer Reviews

Based on 1290 reviews

I could not be more pleased with my purchase, the 6s razor gives a smooth comfortable shave. It is great to be able to allow a little blade exposure or to choose more blade exposure, a great idea for someone new to safety razors such as myself. I am also pleased to say what great customer service I experienced with Rockwell, will be telling all my friends about your products.


fantastic razor

the first time I shaved with a single blade and I did not have as many cuts as I usually had in the past.
my only displeasure with it is that they don't have a longer handle, let's say 2cm longer than the original. I have nothing to say about it, very well equipped, well worked.
from romania thank you.and it's my favorite color

Love It

Took a couple of tries to get used to it, at first I was only shaving the cream not the hair, but I bumped it up to a 2 and wham, perfect shave. So glad I made the switch!


My first safty razor and i love it

Good razor!

It's a really good razor.

When talking about the feel of a different shaver, I'm happy to compare it with the 6S shaver.

We presented a shaving feeling that was perfect for me.

Thank you.

Getting a Rockwell 6S

For some reason it took a few days to get the 6S to start its shipping journey but then it came just a few days after.
Comes in a very nice box and is displayed well in it. When using the razor it has some mass to it so it isn’t a light razor. I actually like that it feels substantial in your hand. If you have large hands, a long handle razor maybe better. For me at 5’9” it feels good in my hand and works well. It is a matte finish stainless steel. I like the fact it won’t rust and that there isn’t any chrome that could eventually chip or flake off. Best part of the razor to me is the adjustability of it. If I wait to shave for four or five days, I’ll use the number 4 or 5 plate, shaving every few days a number 3 and daily a number 2. In other words you can set yourself up based on how coarse your beard is and how often you shave. Also like that the blades are the universal double edge razor design, providing flexibility to use the blades you like to use. The blades that came with the razor worked well for me. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Very smooth shaving even on plate 6!

Even plate 6 is smooth shaving and for me with a yellow 7 o'clock blade. No weepers or bleeders, just a clean close shave. I shave head and face.

Great Razor

I really enjoy the shave from this razor. What I particularly like is the adjustability using the plates. I wasn't sure if it was a gimick or not, but it isn't. It works as advertised. I bought the stainless steel because I leave it in the shower and my old one started to rust. No issue so far with rusting. My only complaint is the handle is a little too short to fit comfortably in my hand. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Best shave ever

I am 68 years old and have been wet shaving most of my adult life. I have used cheap disposable razors and drug store shave soap and cream and pretty much viewed shaving as a necessary task that I didn't really look forward to. That has changed in the last year since I discovered the quality mens grooming tools that are available today.

I have purchased a number of safety razors and have had a pretty good experience with most but when I decided to see what some of the best gear was out there I discovered the Rockwell 6S. I am happy to report I have finally found the razor that gives me the best shave I have ever had! I have an average beard and skin so initially I used the razor on the number 3 setting being afraid I would cut myself. I have since tried 4, 5 and 6 and still have not cut myself. The razor is heavier and has a longer handle than the Merkur that had been my daily razor but I find that is an advantage for me. The handle has plenty of grip when my hands are wet and I just let the razor do the work.

I like to rotate my razors, brushes and shave creams so I plan to buy another 6S in black when they become available. If you are ready to step up your shaving game and purchase probably the last razor you will ever need, you can't go wrong with the Rockwell 6S.

Best safety razor I have used!

This razor is incredible! You won't regret purchasing! The adjustable/interchangable safety bars, really help you fine tune your shave! Some reviews on youtube state when comparing the 6S to the 6C side by side, that the 6S does not glide as easily as the 6C due to the matte finish...the handle is heavy (which is good, it allows the razor to do the work for you), and because of that 6S resistence to slip/glide due to the matte finish versus the slick finish of the 6C, I actually think that resistence provides better control. It cuts beautifully! Don't get hung up on the resistence to slip versus the 6C it isn't noticable unless you shave with both at the same time. In my opinion its a pro rather than a con, because you have better control of your razor. This razor is a must buy and a great product!

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