Rockwell Model T

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Color: Gunmetal Chrome

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The Rockwell Model T is an intuitive, easy to use razor, with an adjustable dial that allows everyone to easily get a close and comfortable shave every time. 


  • Fully adjustable to your skin type and facial hair length - just twist the dial for your perfect shave.
  • Eliminates the skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems.
  • Easy twist-to-open blade-loading and intuitive shave settings make it easy to transition from cartridge razors with no nicks or cuts.
  • Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

In the box

  • 1 Rockwell Model T Adjustable Safety Razor in your desired finish
  • 1 Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath (Travel Cover)
  • 5-Pack of Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades
  • 1 Instruction Card

🍁 Designed, assembled and inspected in Canada.

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Why the Rockwell Model T?

Our most premium adjustable razor. 4 years in the making, The Rockwell Model T offers unparalleled versatility and convenience for a truly remarkable shaving experience.

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  • Stops Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn
  • Fluidly Adjustable Settings via Twistable Dial
  • Easy Twist-To-Open Blade Loading Mechanism
  • Perfectly Weighted & Balanced
  • Control the Closeness, Smoothness and Comfort of Your Shave
  • Suitable for Men and Women of All Skin and Hair Types

Upgrade your shave.

Introducing your new favorite razor. No plastic waste, zero irritation and adjustable to any skin and stubble type. Rockwell's patented design makes it easy for beginners to get all the benefits off a single blade razor, without the learning curve.

Game-changing comfort.

Turns out, multi-blade razors do more harm than good. Our razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch.

Thoughtfully crafted.

We're obsessed with transforming your shave experience into one that you'll love and look forward to. All ouf our products come backed with our 100% quality guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we'll make things right.


2 billion plastic razors end up in landfill each year in the USA alone. Ditch the disposables and upgrade for a plastic-free shaving experience.

Pennies per shave

Get vastly superior shaves and save money on overpriced drug store razors and pointless shave clubs.

Perfect for anyone

Rockwell Razors allow you to adjust the blade exposure to control the comfort and closeness of your shave, for a truly personalized experience.
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This is a gimmick-free razor.

Don't fall for razor marketing gimmicks or subscriptions you don’t need. Our team focuses on designing the world's most comfortable razors - and saving our customers real money on shaving.

We're not thrilled until you are.

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Upgrade to the world's smoothest shave.

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Rockwell is the most loved razor on the market.
4.9/5 STARS - 2600+ REVIEWS

Customer Reviews

Based on 434 reviews
Best shave I've ever had in my life

It is easily the best razor I've ever used. Extremely smooth and comfortable, much smoother than a supermarket bought double edge safety razor, which itself was quite decent compared to a multiblade cartridge (I used to use Schick Hydro 5).

The adjustment levels allowed me to open it right up to 6 when I'm doing the sides of my face, and get the most efficient, closest shave, then dial back to 3 when doing upper lip and chin, since those areas need to be maneuvered more carefully. The lower settings are more forgiving so it matters less about the exact angle of the blade, but the trade-off is of course, you may have to make a few passes.

Being able to make that adjustment mid-shave, for different areas of my face is the main thing that for me, sets the Model T apart from the 6C amd 6S.

As for build quality and materials, it's perfect. It feels solid and weighty and is extremely well constructed as far as I can tell.

I actually look forward to shaving now!

Best combination of smooth and efficient

My wife bought me the Model T as a Christmas gift and I am very happy with it. I prefer aggressive (efficient) razors, and this one delivers. I've used it exclusively since the holiday and I think my sweet spot is 3 for my neck and 6 for my cheeks. This gives me a close, comfortable shave with no weepers or irritation. I must admit that I backed out of the crowdfunding campaign, but I'm glad my wife got this for me.

The Model T

Good morning,
What can I say about the Model T. Its. been about two weeks. AMAZING !!
Perfect weight and handle. length and size. I get a great shave with the 1-2 setting. I. bet I could teach myself to shave with just one pass if I wanted to Thanks. David. Zuckerman Cherry Hill ,NJ

Rockwell Model T - Gunmetal

The razor finally arrived after a long and frustrating wait. Great razor! I love the weight and color. I tried several setting and 5 is the best to me. I don't get any nicks or cuts even at 5.

Just beautyful....

Rocwell razors are amazing...model T is not an exception,is a beautyful special razor !CONGRATULATIONS

Excellent Razor!

I have now had the Model T for about two weeks. It is fabulous! I love the adjustability, the way it feels in the hand, and the great shave one gets with it! Highly recommended!

Long awaited and worth it

Hands down, best and highest quality razor I have ever used.

Rockwel model T

Good product. Smooth shave. I recomend to all.


I am 21 years old and have never had a shave without breaking out in terrible painful bumps every time. Rockwell has given me the cleanest and longest-lasting shave I've ever had. I am so glad I chose to take the risk on investing in yet another "miracle razor." This time it actually paid off.

It's a Tesla among razors.

I got a Model T as Christmas present and it is outstanding with a variably adjustable dial. I tried different settings from 1 to 4 and found out the number 2 is the most effective for my skin. Highly recommended.