Rockwell Razors Universal Shave Stand

$ 30 USD

Elegantly designed for maximum counter-top appeal with a substantially weighted base for reliability. The Rockwell Razors Universal Shave Stand adds a remarkable layer of sophisticated to any shaving area. An absolute necessity for wet shavers that use a double-edge razor and brush.

This stand is built to hold a Rockwell Razor, but fits any double-edge safety razor.

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty Little Stand

The stand is what it is and does what it's supposed to. It's heavy, sturdy, and well made. It's a great way to store my brush and razor to dry and it looks great on my bathroom counter. It's a nice way to round out my set.

Wonderful Rockwell Universal Razor Stand

Never, ever buy a Rockwell Brush and Razor without this magnificent stand!
They all go together like “peas and carrots.”


Keeps my tools organized and allows them to dry well between uses.

Razor stand

I’ve bought a few things from Rockwell and so far I love them all


Rockwell Razors Universal Shave Stand

shave stand

Prior to the arrival of my Rockwell shave stand, I was an incomplete person. Now I am whole. The only downside is facing the age-old questions: did I peak too soon? what can I do with my life to top this?

Very nice, but doesn't hold the Model T properly.

I backed the Model T razor on Kickstarter and was absolutely delighted when it finally arrived. I quickly realized I should purchase a stand to hold my new razor, and who better than the same company that made the razor. I was slightly disappointed to discover that the stand didn't hold the Model T properly because the Model T doesn't have a tapered neck like the other models do.

The stand still holds the Model T, but it kind of hangs at an angle and doesn't look as nice as I would like. I fixed it by slipping a 1/4" rubber O ring onto the Razor handle right below the guard selector. Alternatively, you could probably use a Dremel or something to just make the forked opening about 1/8" wider to allow the Model T to fit like the other razors do.

All in all it is a mild inconvenience, but I figured I'd share in case anyone else was purchasing this for their new Model T.

Thanks for pointing that out, Duncan! This appears to only effect a small percentage of stands. As mentioned, we've refunded you for this stand as it wasn't up to our specifications, hope that's OK with you. We're ensuring that all future shipments of this stand will fit all Rockwell Razors. Appreciate your feedback on this. The Rockwell Razors Team
Looks great

The stand looks amazing, it is small and not bulky, but not easy to knock over. Fits my Rockwell DE razor and shaving brush well. I am glad I bought this one instead of a no name brand as you are sure it will fit your accessories. A little pricier than I would have liked, but I think it is worth the extra money,

It's a Trophy

It's neat looking it's right where I can see it near my bathroom sink I want people to know this is a elegant piece of art with the Rockwell 6S.

Does the job well

Has a good weight to it.