Rockwell R1 - Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 15 USD

The R1 is the perfect razor to get started with double-edge shaving. Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.

This entry-level safety razor is sure to put you off cartridge razors for good so that you can finally get an excellent shave at an incredible value.

The Rockwell R1 uses Rockwell double-edge razor blades, but is compatible with any brand of double edge blades.

This precision shaving device features an impressive butterfly head that lets you load Rockwell Blades with ease, while our premium, Swedish Stainless Steel Blades guarantee any wet shaving beginner their most comfortable shave yet.

Comes with 5 Rockwell Swedish Stainless Steel Blades. Upgrade to a 100-pack of blades (2-year supply) at checkout for only $15.

Customer Reviews

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I have an extensive classic razor collection and this is the first safety razor I bought new. I was skeptical at the price and I wasn't expecting much. I was very impressed. It's perfect for beginners or those who want an elegant well designed razor that's simple to use without worrying about cuts.

I didn't care for the blades, but that's a personal preference and by no means disqualifies the included blades.

I prefer a more aggressive shave and didn't expect that with this model. The adjustable razors is the way to go for that, but for what this razor is and it's price it went far beyond what I expected.

I think this razor is priceless and despite wanting a more aggressive shave, I'll continue to use this razor as it does shave in places where I normally cut myself otherwise.

Also to note, clogging is always a problem for me and this razor does very well in preventing that and allowing more contact with water to rinse the blade with.

Rockwell R1

Amazing & sustainable!

Fanfastic razor

I am new to traditional shaving and this is a new razor for me and it is fantastic! The look, the feel, the weight it is just perfect!! Keep up making fantastic products. May be trying or upgrading new razor in the future

Return to wet shave .

Yesterday I bought an R1 gift set at a work wear shop . Just over a year ago I tossed my electric razor and resurected my old trac 2 , after a short time I switched to Williams shave soap , and now I have the R1 , I shaved with it this morning , and am happy overall with the shave , no nicks . It has been over 40 years since I last used a double edge safety razor, and am happy to still have the skill . My only issue with the razor is that I have arthritis and crooked fingers , and have a bit of difficulty with the short handle . I may look at getting a longer handle razor in the future . Thanks for a good product.

Great New Experience

This is the first safety razor I've ever used, and I'm really pleased with it. It is faster, easier, and cheaper than using my old multi-bladed razors. It's also the best looking thing in my bathroom!

better than albatross, cheaper, lifetime warranty

got the entry level and it does the job, durable and nice to shave with, easy features to use. for free shipping and lifetime warranty u cant beat, only improvements i can suggest would be earth friendly sustainable compostable cardboard or the like packaging and to know whoever manufactures these razors works in an environment of respect and is paid fairly.

R 1

Smooth shave love it !

Love these razors

I have been shaving with the R1 Rockwell for the past month now. I do not know how it works with longer facial hair as I like to keep mine relatively short however for my uses, it works absolute wonders. It is cheap and cuts so close it’s incredible. For this cheap price, a review can’t say enough, you simply need to try it. I did and I cannot regret it if I tried.

Un Ottimo Entry-level

Provato R1,devo dire che è un ottimo rasoio,per chi vuole iniziare ad usare il rasoio di sicurezza,e per chi cerca qualcosa per tutti i giorni, abbinato alle lame Rockwell ,ti da un buon Bbs,consigliato ad neofiti ed esperti di wet shaving.

Perfect razor!!!

I have never have Rockwell Razor, it's my first. I'm very satisfied with the purchase.