Rockwell Handle - Gunmetal

$ 18.75 USD
Replacement Rockwell Razor Handle in Gunmetal Chrome. Only Suitable for Rockwell Chrome Series Razors.

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Philippe Renoult (Savenay, FR)
Très bien

Bien reçu le manche. Très bon sav, je suis très satisfait du rasoir.

Michael Reich (The Villages, US)

Very happy!

André Farinha (Charneca de Caparica, PT)

Estava com problemas na maquina e contatei a Rockwell, prontificaram-se a substituir a peça. Muito bom trabalho e agradeço imenso.

Stephane Picot (Moncton, CA)
Great Handle Amazing Service

Rockwell Razors are great Razors but there service, WOW. Brar was so quick to respond and take care of my issue, it was like dealing with a buddy. I have over 100 safety razor, the Rockwell 6C was the second one in my collection, favorite for many years, so when the handle stripped, you can imagine my disappointment. Now imagine how impressed when my issue was handle in one day. No, I don't use my Rockwell 6C much anymore because the Rockwell Model T2 as taken its place. I would recommend buying Rockwell all day long, the Razors are great and there service amazing. Happy shaving everyone.

Thanks again Brar for the amazing service.

Alfred Auerbeck (Cham, DE)

The Handle is perfekt.

Arron Hep (Prosper, US)
Warranty and Support Review

No matter what the industry, it's helpful to understand how a company supports their customers when something goes wrong.

I purchased a Rockwell 6C in February 2018 and I've been using it as a daily shaver since. I use plate 3 and make two, sometimes three passes, with feather, personna, or permasharp blades. The 6C completely replaced my Merkur 34C.

Recently, my 6C stripped! I am not sure how it happened. In troubleshooting the problem, I thought it was the threads on the cap that had stripped.

I thought I would have to purchase another razor since it had been a couple years since I made the purchase. I happened to look at the warranty section on the Rockwell website before I started shopping...

My experience with Rockwell's warranty was exactly as outlined on the website. They replaced the defective part if I agreed to cover shipping (which was inexpensive). It was easy to exercise the warranty. All I had to do was email Rockwell with a description of the problem and they responded quickly with next steps.

When I received the replacement cap for my 6C, I found that the handle's threads were the stripped part. I was really confused at this point, and I let Rockwell know that I might have made a mistake in troubleshooting. I was properly delighted when I received a replacement handle as well!

My 6C razor has been restored to full operation, and I can now put my Merkur 34C back in storage. I find the 6C's shave much more enjoyable.

Thanks Rockwell! The true value a company places in their customers comes to light when there is a problem. You passed with flying colors! I wish I was ready to purchase a Model T because you deserve the business.

Иван (Moscow, RU)
Заказ S-33799

Отличная ручка!!!👍👍👍

Dan (Deer Park, US)
Customer Service

Fantastic customer service! Had an issue with a part of my 6c, it was replaced, no questions asked.

guy (Columbus, US)
Nice product

Got a replacement handle for my 6C. After several years had a blemish on the bottom where it rubbed in the holder. Used some Merkur razors for a bit, now that my Rockwell's back in service I realize how nice it is. Great grip, nice balance, looks good - GREAT SHAVE!

Raynald Robitaille (Montreal, CA)

Rockwell Handle - Gunmetal

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