Rockwell 5/6 Plate - White Chrome

$ 18.75 USD
Replacement Rockwell R5/R6 Base Plate in White Chrome. Only Suitable for Rockwell Chrome Series Razors.

Customer Reviews

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L. (North York, CA)
Smoothest Shave Ever !

Very easy to attach the blades to the Razor. Very easy to use. I never had a closer shave before using #RockwellRazor. Happy to of tried and I am now hooked. Happy Shaving !!

Daniel Durham (Buffalo, US)
Great razor with a great price

After watching many reviews of this razor, I decided to buy the Rockwell 6C. I'm glad I bought this razor and find the adjustable settings perfect for my shaving needs. I wish I bought this razor years ago.

Marco Pedrosa (Lisbon, PT)
Rockwell 6C

I have both 6C and 6S and I love them. The 6C is a must. Incredibly good razor.

Brent (Delaware, US)
Great for beginners

This razor has been excellent for me as a beginner safety razor user. I started on level three, found it was too aggressive, switched to level two while my technique improved and now I am back to level three. Great value for the price.

Dale (Edmonton, CA)
Great razor for the price!

Shipping took a while but well worth it.

Craig (Prince George, CA)
So far so good!

New to the safety razor shave, previously always had a beard/cartridge blade, due to a policy change at work I have to be clean shaven. 3 months into shaving again and I was clogging up the cartridges it felt like with every shave. No matter what I did I couldn’t clean them out. Did some research and pulled the trigger on this unit. Sure it takes a little longer but I’m enjoying the process and loving the results. I’ve been on the 3 setting but might step up to 4 here now that I’m getting the hang of it.

Only thing I wish is that this kit came with a bowl and a razor/brush stand . Other than that I’m super happy.

Hilal Sonmez (Wakefield, US)
Great safety razor

I have been wet shaving for years and used 5 different razors including a couple of Merkurs. Rockwell is giving me the smoothest shave I ever had using feather blades. It has a nice weight to it and having plates for different adjustments is great. Build quality is well and the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended.

Jeffrey Rogers (Omaha, US)
Only thing that makes me mad is I didn't buy it sooner

Really. Why did I waste my time with other razors. This thing is nuts

Andres (Houston, US)

It's okay so far.

Cole Brossart (New York, US)
Awesome Razor

First DE Safety Razor and I’m hooked!

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