Rockwell Razors Shave Stand

$ 40 USD
Color: White Chrome

Elegantly designed for maximum counter-top appeal with a substantially weighted base for reliability. The Rockwell Razors Universal Shave Stand adds a remarkable layer of sophistication to any shaving area. An absolute necessity for wet shavers that use a double-edge razor and brush.

This stand is built to hold a Rockwell 2C, 6C, 6S or Model T Razor.

Made from chrome-plated brass.

Looking for the whole set? Save money and get the Rockwell 3-Piece Shave Set here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Glenn Adcock (Spartanburg, US)
Love it.

Great stand. Stays up right and holds my razor like a champ. Even goes the extra mile to hold my brush too. This thing is a trooper and never lets me down. It hasn't missed a day of work yet. That's rare in today's society.

David (Detroit, US)

I enjoy it. So beneficial!

Lawrence (Corner Brook, CA)
excellent stand

This stand holds my shaving brush with the bristles down, allowing it to drip and dry off beautifully. And it is elegant with the razor beside it. A pleasure to look at. Note: the chrome stand is all chrome. I like that, but the picture of it makes it look almost as though there is a band of white material on the lower part of the stand. That must be an artifact of lighting.

Dale Watson (Amesbury, GB)

Rockwell Razors Shave Stand

Edward Correa (Lowell, US)
Shave stand

Absolutely thrilled with my stand for my razor and brush. Everything you make is quality made, switching to this system has made me look forward to shaving when I use to dread it!

Raffaele De Simone (Salerno, IT)


Ralf Brexel (Soest, DE)
a perfect match!

I am happy with my matching rocksolid razor stand and 6s, but for my T2 I wanted a matching stand which also holds my bog oak brush. what shall I say? A perfect match! 👍🏻
I love how well it matches my T2 not only in color but also in style.
if there would be a razor and a matching stand in Christmas green, I would directly fall for them...

Erik (Kitchener, CA)
As advertised

The T2 razor is as advertised. No nicks, no cuts, easier to use, and my shave is quicker as well. Definitely worth my money!

Mark Boggie (Tucson, US)
Nice addition

Keeps my counter top organized and my razor/brush conveniently within reach. I appreciate the finished look it provides and the quality materials. It is much heavier than it looks and will keep my tools from getting knocked over.

Eng Wei Goh (Singapore, SG)
Shave stand review

Sturdy, great weight and looks really good on the mantle!! Very pleased with the balance

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