Rockwell 6S - Matte Stainless Steel - 2/4 Plate

$ 25 USD

Base plate for the Rockwell 6S. Features Rockwell sizes R2 and R4. Fits most modern 3-piece double-edge safety razors. 

Forged in the USA from precision metal injection molded space-grade stainless steel.

Designed in Canada.


Compatible Razors: Rockwell 6S Matte Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
John Ferguson (Anaheim, US)
6s 2/4 plate and top cap.

Awesome razor. Nice to be able to buy the plate and cap separately.

Rob MacMoneagle (Birmingham, GB)
Rockwell 6S

Thank you so much for all your kindness in sending me replacement parts but the matte finish scratches immediately on use, so I do wish that quality control would look at changing the 6S to an ordinary stainless steel finish. That being said I am enjoying the razor and experimenting with different plates to figure out which suits my skin and facial hair best.
Wonderful customer service.
Yours, Robert MacMoneagle

Doug Eisenbraun (Canfield, US)

Rockwell 6S - Matte Stainless Steel - 2/4 Plate

6s 2/4 plate

Excellent quality!

Raul Reynoso (Querétaro, MX)
A perfect balance between efficiency & smoothness

I had a R6C but always wanted to try a 6S, but I never wanted to keep two plates that I know I´ll never use, my solution? Purchase it apart just with the plate that I know works for me, less clutter, just what I wanted. Kind of made me a Rockwell 2S....

Adam Kent (London, GB)
Most versatile plate

The 4 is a decent, although somewhat mild face shave. 2 is mild enough to use on the body. Good versatility

Reinhard Voigt (Begnins, CH)
For me the best results.

Rockwell 6S in Plate No. 4.
Smooth and Sharp. Perfectly.
Thank you, Rockwell

Natalia Prochacova (Toronto, CA)

What a great razor! I got it for my husband for Father's Day and he went to shave right away. It feels great in your hand.

Mark Schaefer (Porta Westfalica, DE)
So smooth...

Definitely found my exit razor. Plate 4 is all I need for a comfortable shave. Rockwell 6S rocks!

Manik Sharma (Ludhiana, IN)

Rockwell 6S - Matte Stainless Steel - 2/4 Plate

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