The Best Alternative to Disposable Plastic Razors

We're fed up with Big Shave companies.
Billions of their plastic razors end up in landfill. They're overpriced, hurt our skin, and just aren't comfortable. That's NOT progress.
Here's how we can do better...
For the last few years, our small team of makers has been designing a razor that solves the three biggest problems with shaving...
1. 🌱 Designing a razor that's zero-waste and plastic-free.
2. 💡 Eliminating irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs to make shaving super comfortable.
3. 💸 Crafting premium recyclable blades that cost 10 times less than modern razors.
We knew that the razor had to be easy to use, and impossible for beginners to cut themselves with.
We also knew that it had to be more comfortable on your skin, and provide better shaves than cartridge razors.
After spending 4 years of blood, sweat and tears refining the design, we ended up creating something amazing...
The Rockwell Razor.
A single blade razor inspired by old school razors that your grandpa would have used - except way more comfortable and way easier to use.
There's zero learning curve, and any beginner can start feeling the benefits without any nicks or cuts!
A single blade means there's no tugging, pulling or irritation.
The best part? It completely stops razors bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving acne for good.
We also realized that people's skin and stubble vary greatly! That why we needed to make the razor needed to be adjustable.
After years of testing, we patented an adjustable system that lets you change the amount of blade exposure to suit your needs...
A shaving experience personalized to your unique skin and stubble type! You have to feel it to believe it.
We succeeded in our mission and created what is indisputably the most comfortable shaving system on planet earth.
💬 Fast Company called it "Real shaving innovation."
💬 Men's Health called it "The best gift to get your S/O."
💬 Business Insider wrote that "Drugstore razors simply can't compete."
New users see visible improvements to their skin within 6 weeks of using the razor.
Now we're ready to share what we've created with the world...
One razor to last a lifetime. Recyclable blades. 10x smoother shaves.
You'll feel the difference, or the return shipping is on us.
For a limited time, we're including a 2-Year Supply of Rockwell Blades with your shipment when you order the Rockwell Shave Kit!
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